Plan First Wealth Estate Planning Solution

As a British expat in America, estate planning can be more complex than simply completing a will or setting up a living trust with your local attorney. Careful & thoughtful planning is essential to set up an estate plan that avoids the pitfalls of being a UK/US connected person and assisting that both your US and UK assets pass on the way you want.

This can be expensive and time consuming. Many expatriates, especially those earlier in their expat journey, are unsure of their future movements, which understandably makes them unwilling to commit to comprehensive estate planning. However, it is imperative that even in this interim period, all expats, especially those with minor children (who can end up wards of the state without the right plans in place) have valid wills and powers of attorney in place.

At Plan First Wealth we offer services through an estate planning provider to establish basic estate documents such as Wills, Healthcare Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney. The estate planning solution is best suited for expatriate families with relatively straightforward situations, and/or as a stopgap for an expatriate before they commit the time and resources to a more comprehensive estate plan. If we determine that your situation is more complex, we can connect you with UK/US estate planning attorneys to better prepare and establish your estate plan.

*Please note that this is a separate service that comes at a fee separate from any advisory/financial planning fees.

Estate Planning Fees

  • $498 single person / $998 married couple 
    • Last Will & Testament
    • Financial Power of Attorney
    • Healthcare Power of Attorney

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    We incorporate US and UK assets to provide the critical foundation to a successful estate plan.

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    Plan First Wealth is uniquely positioned to serve individuals who have both a UK and US connection. Most commonly, our clients are successful British expatriates (whether on a visa, Green Card or US citizens) with at least $1M net worth.