Journey Across The Atlantic: Elaine’s Transformation from Consultant to American Bear Advocate (Always an Expat S1:E8)

Episode 8 Shownotes – Elaine Anderson

Born and raised in England, Elaine Anderson has always been an adventurer at heart. With a natural inclination towards risk-taking, she has lived a remarkable life defined by spontaneity and courage. This dynamic spirit served her well until she made a life-altering decision in 2013.

On the show this week, Richard Taylor talks with Elaine about this decision, and what led to her selling her house, car, and possessions and hopping on a plane to the US.

This bold move was a huge leap of faith.

Elaine’s professional journey has been as extraordinary as her personal one. With a career spanning over 30 years, she has served as a professional learning and development consultant, a leadership and behavioral skills consultant, and has travelled the world for training, coaching, and consulting. She has trained and coached in various countries for big organizations like the Big Four banks and Toyota. Her proud moments include delivering conflict management-related sessions in business in Beirut, Lebanon.

Her move to the United States was, indeed, not part of the initial plan. While travelling, she found a woman named Christine Kane, whose music she enjoyed. Christine was running a retreat in the United States, and Elaine decided to participate, which turned out to be a catalyst for changing her life. The retreat eventually led her to Asheville, a place she fell in love with at first sight. It felt like home, a feeling she had not experienced anywhere else.

Elaine’s journey demonstrates the potential for growth and change inherent in stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Her story signifies that immigrating may bring a host of challenges but it also provides an opportunity to reinvent oneself and to learn to be truly present in one’s life. Today, she uses her story and learned wisdom to help and guide others through her consulting and coaching business, continuing to make a significant impact wherever she goes.

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About Richard

Richard Taylor is a British expat, dual citizen (UK & US). Originally from Bolton, he now lives in Greenwich, CT, where Plan First Wealth has its head office.

As the firm’s leader, Richard launched Taylor & Taylor, now Plan First Wealth, and continues to fuel the firm’s growth. Richard is a Chartered Financial Planner (UK – CII) in addition to holding the IMC (CFA UK) and Series 65 (US – FINRA).

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About Elaine

Elaine is President, Founder, and Master Coach at CoachBrilliant Academy. Their mission is to inspire, develop, and empower coaches to live their authentic lives by knowing themselves well and opening up the way to build deep relationships with their clients while helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

Elaine holds a bachelor’s degree in People & Human Resource Development and then my Masters in Coaching & Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University. She’s worked around the world across a diverse range of industries. Some of her notable clients include the Ministry of Defense, UK Parliament, Barclays, HSBC, Vodafone, Motorola, Toyota, and Ford.

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