Cross-Border Tax and Accounting Services

Plan First Wealth has formed a strategic partnership with Optimise Accountants, a UK-based cross-border tax and accounting firm. This partnership allows us to offer a comprehensive, integrated range of tax and accounting services tailored to meet the unique needs of expats.

US & UK Tax and Accounting Support

Optimise Accountants are now positioned to offer clients of Plan First Wealth a full spectrum of tax and accounting support. These services are outside of the fees paid to Plan First Wealth and are subject to certain limitations.

Strategic Cross-Border Tax Planning

Our partnership with Optimise Accountants reflects our commitment to fulfilling all of your financial needs. Optimise delivers compliant tax, accounting, and consulting services to expats across diverse industries. As such, we offer you a comprehensive and coordinated approach to planning your future.

Together, we will work closely with you and Optimise to develop strategic cross-border tax plans that enhance your financial situation by taking advantage of all opportunities available to you, so you pay only the tax required, whilst remaining in compliance. Whether you have complex tax considerations or require guidance on international accounting practices, our combined experience will provide you with solutions that you may not be receiving now.

Experience the benefits of our partnership and gain peace of mind knowing that your cross-border tax and accounting matters are in capable hands. 

Would You Like to Know More About Cross-Border Tax Planning?

Let Optimise help manage your US and UK taxes and Plan First Wealth incorporate strategic tax planning in your overall financial plan.

Wondering if We’re the Right Fit?

Learn Who Approaches Plan First Wealth and Why

Plan First Wealth is uniquely positioned to serve individuals who have both a UK and US connection. Most commonly, our clients are successful British expatriates (whether on a visa, Green Card or US citizens) with at least $1M net worth.