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Arriving in the US With a Negative Net Worth – with Rob Tye (Always an Expat S1:E15)

Episode 15 Shownotes – Rob Tye

Tune into “Always an Expat” featuring a conversation with Richard Taylor and Rob Tye this week. Witness the riveting tale of a dreamer from Harlow who moved to Wisconsin with hopes of enlisting in the United States army, but found his entrepreneurial spirit kindled in the most unexpected ways instead. Hear about the inception of Necessity Media amidst tumultuous economic times, showcasing the quintessential essence of entrepreneurship: identifying a need during a crisis and crafting a solution with passion and creativity.

Get a glimpse of Rob’s journey towards financial stability. Learn about his approach towards personal and business finances, his navigation through the maze of credit systems and investments, and the importance of teaching financial stability to others. Understand his perspective on the changing marketing landscapes, societal shifts, and how he successfully carved a niche for himself in the influencer marketing space.

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About Richard

Richard Taylor is a British expat, dual citizen (UK & US). Originally from Bolton, he now lives in Greenwich, CT, where Plan First Wealth has its head office.

As the firm’s leader, Richard launched Taylor & Taylor, now Plan First Wealth, and continues to fuel the firm’s growth. Richard is a Chartered Financial Planner (UK – CII) in addition to holding the IMC (CFA UK) and Series 65 (US – FINRA).

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About Rob

Rob Tye is also a British expat, and is the owner of Necessity Media, a marketing agency focused on Sass companies, influence marketing, web design, and tech support.

Coming over to the states from England in 2002, Rob has over nine years of investment banking experience, and over fifteen years as a business owner. With a diverse background in financial services and digital media marketing, he brings seasoned expertise to the table.

Rob knows most companies have great resources and teams to be successful. What they don’t have is the time to research changes to marketing strategies to help grow their business against competition in their industries.  That’s where Necessity Media comes in. After many years creating successful strategies for over 1,800 businesses they are here today to help you with yours.

He is passionate about implementing creative strategies, fostering continuous improvement, and delivering results that drive growth and client satisfaction.

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