Plan First Wealth Proven Process

Your Journey to Retiring Happier.

If you’re a Brit living in America, who is planning on one day retiring in America,

our Cross-Border Retirement Roadmap will provide you with answers to three critical questions:

  1. Will you have enough money for retirement?
  2. Are you overpaying your taxes and/or in IRS non-compliance in respect of your UK assets?
  3. Are your investments suitable, including your UK assets & pensions?

Answers to these questions (and many more) are provided via our unique Cross-Border Retirement Roadmap, designed specifically for British expatriates now living, working, and one day retiring in America. 

For those in the second half of their lives and career – when “what next?” becomes less and less abstract by the day – we have designed a process around your unique wants and needs.

Furthermore, there is no obligation for us to manage your assets to go through the process.

This is pure financial planning for Brits in America aimed at facilitating your FREEDOM:

  • FREEDOM from work
  • FREEDOM from worry
  • FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want

Step 1: Exploratory Zoom Meeting – Complimentary

In this meeting we want to learn about you – your back story, your current position, your problems, frustrations and concerns and, most importantly, your vision for your future. We’ll tell you a bit about us and answer any questions and then, assuming it makes sense, we’ll propose a way to move forward.

And if it doesn’t make sense, we’ll help you find the help you need. Be that tax advisers, attorneys or even other financial advisers.

Cross-Border Retirement Roadmap

Step 2: FactFind (Zoom)  

This meeting is all about getting crystal clear on your current financial situation, as well as your goals, vision, priorities, concerns and fears. We will start building your model with you in this meeting.

Here we will get clear on:

  • Who is important to you.
  • What is important to you.
  • What you want your life to look like.
  • What DON’T you want to be doing.
  • What you have.
  • What you want.

Step 3: Base Camp (Zoom)

This is where it really starts to get interesting. In Base Camp we will dive into YOUR model – YOUR projections – and we will answer the following questions:

  • Are you on track?
  • If not, how do you get on track?
  • Are you going to be OK?
  • Do you need to worry?

We’ll identify what sort of client you are – too much, not enough, or just enough. 

 If you’re a too much client, we’ll help you work out a plan to spend it, gift it and avoid giving the government too much.

If you’re a not enough client, we’ll help you right the ship and put a workable plan into action ASAP.

If you’re a just enough client, like the vast majority of our clients, we’ll set you free! We’ll help you see that you’re in a position to do what you want and – provided your affairs are managed properly – have sufficient money for retirement. We’ll help you avoid the most common trap of successful people with big lives – leaving life on the table when they could have been free.

Step 4: Observations Recommendations & Advice (Zoom)

Now we have your model built, we get granular and use various tools, combined with our experience and knowledge in working with Brits in America, to provide you with the following information:

If you are near or in retirement, we help you understand:

  • Exactly how you can withdraw from all your accounts each month.
  • Under what circumstances you should make a change.
  • When you can take more.
  • When you need to take less.

We will analyze your most recent tax return and help you:

  • Know exactly how much tax you are paying.
  • Identify strategies to reduce your tax bill going forward.
  • Evaluate whether Roth conversations could benefit you.

We will share our proprietary Opportunities & Landmines 62 Point Checklist with you to help you determine:

  • Whether you are taking advantage of all the financial opportunities that are available to you as a British expatriate living in America.
  • Whether you are avoiding all the expat landmines that can threaten your financial security in America.

Finally, we will provide a summary of our observations, recommendations, and advice. If we think we can add significant value to you on an ongoing basis we will propose next steps. We’ll answer all your questions and remain available to you post-meeting.

Many clients who go through the Cross-Border Retirement Roadmap opt for an ongoing relationship, however this is not required. There is no obligation for this. There is never any hard sell or pressure to say yes.

Step 5: Implementation [Optional]

If you want us to manage your investments in service of your plan, we will explain our investment philosophy, including the additional benefits (especially tax-related) in having us manage your US and/or UK assets.

Then we will open and fund accounts, seek UK pension advice (if applicable), top-up state pensions and generally undertake all the actions required to bring you on board as a full financial planning and wealth management client.

Step 6: Ongoing Service [Optional]

“Plans are worthless; planning is everything” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Clients who engage with us for ongoing service benefit from one or two agenda-led meetings per annum and unlimited access to us outside of these scheduled meetings.

These meetings mean your plan is always fresh and always updated. They mean we are always working on your plan and your affairs. We keep on top of everything, and you keep progressing towards your goals.

This is how massive progress is made over time – by continually taking small steps in the right direction.

The cost for your Cross-Border Retirement Roadmap is only $2,999.

What’s more, we offer a full money-back guarantee. No questions asked – if you feel you didn’t get sufficient value upon completion of your Cross-Broder Retirement Roadmap we will refund the entire fee.  

There is no obligation to move assets to our management or to commit to an ongoing financial planning service. However, if you become an ongoing client and invest at least $1m within the first 6 months, then you will receive a refund of the initial fee.

You’ve made it!

You took a serious risk, moved to America for more opportunities and a better life and you made it here! Congratulations.

But you need to ensure your success is PERMANENT. If you run out of money in retirement, what will it matter? What will all your efforts have been for?

Always remember, there’s no Plan B once you retire! Run out of money and you’ve no way to make it back.  

Our Cross-Border Retirement Roadmap is pure financial planning; no obligation; no expectation; no pushing. Only answers. Answers you NEED.

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