Your Cross-Border Retirement Roadmap

“Retirement Planning” is the ongoing process of building a comprehensive model of financial projections for every family we work with and using that as tool to assist in short term decision making.

“Life-Centered” is the core philosophy of putting you, your family and your life at the centre of the process, as opposed to just your money. Your money is important, but it is important as a tool – a tool that you need to manage, exercising caution  and wisdom, for the benefit of improving your life.

Through thoughtful discussion and interactive tools, we will identify the areas of your life that bring you the most satisfaction. Together we will develop action items that address how to allocate your resources of time and money to live the best life possible.

Essentially, we are looking to answer the question:

“Are we going to be OK?”

Or, more specifically:

“Can we lead the life we want – doing the things we want to do with the people we want to do them with – without fear of ever running out of money?”

As a result of our Cross-Border Retirement Roadmap, our clients achieve clarity and confidence via a concrete, regularly reviewed and updated, living financial plan that focuses on securing their desired way of life. We then use our clients’ customised roadmaps to help make short term tactical decisions, such as how and what to save and invest, how to best generate income and how to structure one’s affairs tax efficiently.

Our primary focus is YOU and not just your money.

Would You Like to Know More About Life-Centered Retirement Planning?

Our Primary Focus Is YOU, Not Your Money.

If you would like to get a better idea of what we mean when we talk about “Life-Centered Financial Planning” and our wider proposition, please check out our blog post: “Plan First Wealth: Integrated Life, Financial and Investment Planning for British Expats Living in America.”

Wondering if We’re the Right Fit?

Learn Who Approaches Plan First Wealth and Why

Plan First Wealth is uniquely positioned to serve individuals who have both a UK and US connection. Most commonly, our clients are successful British expatriates (whether on a visa, Green Card or US citizens) with at least $1M net worth, who wish to remain in the US for their retirement.

How We Charge

At Plan First Wealth, our fees are transparent. We communicate with our clients so they understand how their fees are calculated and how much they will be paying.

All fees are explicitly agreed in advance and whilst fee payments may be facilitated by a product provider, trustee or custodian, any fees we receive come directly from our clients and/or their account(s). Nobody pays us but our clients and we are beholden to nobody but them.

Our fees are tiered and differ by product and/or platform (please refer to our ADV for a breakdown), but generally, are the same for everyone for the same account size. Upfront, we may charge an onboarding fee for financial planning or an account opening fee to facilitate a UK pension transfer. On an ongoing basis we charge a percentage of assets under management for an agreed upon level of service. More information, including specific fee breakdowns, can be found in our Form ADV Part 2A.

We do not charge extra fees and we do not discount fees (because that would not be fair to other clients). All our services have already been factored into the fees we charge.

PFW Fee Guarantee

If during your first 6 months as a client of PFW you are dissatisfied with the service we provided, we will refund all advice fees charged during that period.*

*This includes any financial planning and advisory fees. Account Setup fees and fees charged by the platform or trustee are not covered by this guarantee.