The story of Plan First Wealth begins in 1977 when Richard’s father, Chris Taylor, started his career as a Financial Advisor in Bolton, UK.  Sixteen years later, in 1993, Taylor & Taylor Financial Services Ltd was first born, also in Bolton, serving Chris’ predominantly locally based clients. 
Richard started Taylor & Taylor Financial Services USA LLC in 2018. In 2019, Richard was joined by Martha Kern, an American CFP. With the addition of Martha, the company really began to take shape, with each advisory team helmed by a UK qualified adviser and supported by a US CFP – an approach we believe to still be unique.
Finally in February 2022, the company changed its name to Plan First Wealth. This new name was chosen because it reflects our philosophy – planning comes first, before any investment decisions.  Additionally, the name supports our transition to an enterprise business (away from Richard’s surname) which is scalable and supports long-term success.
If you are a British expatriate in America and you are looking for a partner in building wealth and security from a firm dedicated to knowing and understanding you and your unique situation, then please book a consultation.

Positioning Statement

Plan First Wealth provides successful British expats with peace of mind and confidence, by simplifying the complex world of cross-border retirement and treating them as people, not numbers.


Our core values – the fundamental set of principles that guide our behavior and decisions – define our organisational culture and personality.

Our people, and by extension our culture, is our most important and valuable asset (without good people and without a good culture we cannot consistently deliver good service). We nurture it, work at it and actively look for people who are a good fit.

We subscribe to – and expect our people to subscribe to – many different values – individually and organisationally. However, our core values are non-negotiable.

Do Good

We are a fiduciary but at PFW this principle runs deeper than a simple legal concept. We aim to be a force for good in the world; externally and internally, organizationally and individually.

Be Bold

We are confident and forthright. We serve expats and expats are bold. We take calculated risks to further our objectives, push boundaries, serve more expats and change more lives. We grow from our mistakes and we know that it is all part of the journey.

Have Fun

We are committed to having fun along the way. We want our clients to look forward to interacting with us. We do important work, but we want to enjoy the journey.


We believe most issues arise because of poor or insufficient communication and most issues can be solved by better, more open, more honest and more frequent communication. 

Change Lives

Plan First Wealth exists to change lives – our clients’, our colleagues and our own. 

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As the firm’s leader, Richard launched Taylor & Taylor, now Plan First Wealth and continues to fuel the firm’s growth. Richard is a Chartered Financial Planner (UK - CII) in addition to holding the IMC (CFA UK) and Series 65 (US - FINRA).

Martha Kern

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) & Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Martha oversees and maintains the operations and compliance programs at Plan First Wealth, while also supporting client service. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and GLOBAL FINANCIAL PLANNER (GFP US) and holds the Series 6, 7 and 63 (US - FINRA).

James Boyle

Lead Financial Planner

James builds and manages personalised financial plans to help his clients achieve their life goals. He is dual-certified in the UK & US as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ and GLOBAL FINANCIAL PLANNER (GFP US), and holds Series 7, 63, 66 (US - FINRA) and the Investment Advice Diploma (CISI UK).

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