Podcast: Always an Expat

It’s a big step: moving across the pond. No matter how long you spend in the US as an expat, you always keep that connection with home. Do you ever stop being an expat? I don’t think you do.

I’m Richard Taylor, from Plan First Wealth. I’ll be bringing you captivating interviews with people who have embarked on incredible journeys, and experienced life in different countries.

Discover how our bold guests have chased their dream across the pond, hopping time-zones and navigating cultural change, and learn from their experiences along the way.

This isn’t a peacocking exercise – Always an Expat follows real people who have faced some real challenges, but have also had the time of their lives in a new home.


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    Archive: Across the Pond

    Our first podcast, Across the Pond, is a 10 episode series full of useful and relevant information for British Expats living in America. This series is perfect to listen to while you're waiting for the next episode in our current podcast, Always an Expat, to drop.