Podcast: We’re the Brits in America

A podcast by British expats in the US for British expats in the US.

Being an immigrant to America can be – should be – a wonderful, life-changing opportunity. But, it can also be extremely challenging, accompanied by some unique and idiosyncratic rules and regulations that can catch the unknowing expat unawares.

On an almost daily basis, we see Brits in America making many of the same avoidable mistakes and missteps – some of which have been going on for years and can be costly to resolve.

We’re the Brits In America seeks to address the problem en masse.

We want to help fellow British expats thrive in America. We want them to change their and their family’s lives financially. We want Brits in America to be rewarded for their boldness and their risk taking and be wealthier and happier.

We believe that this can be achieved, in large part, by avoiding the expat landmines that can trip them up and by taking advantage of all available opportunities.

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    We're the Brits In America

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